A friend lent me season 1 of Roswell. Having all but a couple of episodes on TV and I am enjoying it. Given the way that the commercial networks in Australia abuse the viewers, it can be little wonder that I didn’t discover it at the time, but I’m glad I did now – it makes up for the dearth… Read more →

He needs a bell

“he needs a bell”, she said as they moved aside “Excuse me, coming through!”, I called, and “Thank you” as I cycled past. You can’t do decent manners with a bell. A machine’s the easy option. It keeps us insulated, safe, no need to really interact. We keep ourselves apart as if we’re scared of what will happen when our… Read more →

Serenity test screening

I just came back from a preview of Serenity. It’s great – Joss has done it again. There’s thrills and spills, shocks and laughs and lots of Rivery goodness 🙂 (no more hints). It doesn’t pander to the fans of Firefly, and neither does it make them feel bored by sitting through long introductions to people that we already know…. Read more →

Channel 9 – the paranoid network

I passed a billboard on the way to work, advertising A Current Affair, asking the question “Terrorism – are we paranoid enough?”. Well, yes, actually. Paranoia is a pathological condition for which irrational fear is a symptom. I think that there’s always enough of that around without looking for more.

Reaction time variables in the killing of Nicola Calipari

A math lesson that illustrates the way in which the soldiers shot before giving them time to react to a warning. according to the U.S. military, they fired warning shots within 2.7 seconds of flashing a warning light, and used “deadly force” 2.3 seconds after that The driver would have had almost no time to react to the warning before… Read more →


People are like volcanos… One percent above the surface and ninety-nine percent cliche. — A sombre contemplation of life’s mysteries (or so I told myself) has turned into the Sisyphean task of measuring the heavens in your eyes. And the stars I think I’ve found just vanish when you leave my side. To be with you – entranced in all… Read more →


Tonight I saw the inner me escape its bonds and smile. That self, who sees the things I won’t, stood up and stretched, and placed some coins into a stranger’s hat. And for the briefest time compassion raised its ugly head. It handed me a bunch of flowers and the walls came down Luckily I caught a glimpse of all… Read more →

Cycling and socialisation

Today I was passed by a hoon on a road bike, down White’s Creek. I was dawdling along by the aqueduct in the middle of the track when, all of a sudden, there was a rush of air and the guy was 10 metres down the path. If I could have caught up to him I would have given him… Read more →

Don’t buy “Gold Medal” by the Donnas

… and maybe not anything else by them. I went to RedEye today – and found the Barbarellas CD. While I was there I went browsing through the store and came out with about $170 worth, including a great Bats compilation, the Fourplay digital remix (also great), The Louisville Sluggers’ debut and also the Donnas CD which I bought on… Read more →

New CD purchases

I went to Fish to see if they had The Barbarellas compilation (a bit old, but I only found out about it last night). Instead, I walked out with the Yo La Tengo compilation “Prisoners of Love”, a BodyJar retrospective, an old classic of the period – The Sundays “reading, writing and arithmetic” – and the Jodi Phillis CD “for… Read more →

Be Cool

I just came back from a session of the movie. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Get Shorty, but this is just as good, if I recall correctly. Elmore Leonard’s characters are so distinctive and funny. The stand-out is, of course, The Rock, although Vince Vaughn’s tragic black-wannabe is also great. Knowing that the Chilli Palmer character is going… Read more →

New ride to work

I took the new route to work this morning. It was about 11km – 3 times the distance – and 45 minutes (also thrice the old time). I had forgotten that the dirt section up to Foss St. requires a dismount at each end. Also, you have to climb up Foss St. to get out of there, so it’s best… Read more →

four canals and a greenway

I went for a midday ride today, trying to follow the above-titled ride from the BNSW’s “Cycling around Sydney”. Looking at the directions and map in the book, I was not at all confident of getting around the route without getting lost. It happened, and I blame the silly litle maps they put in the book. Also, if all roads… Read more →

Latest CD purchase

Tina Harrod “Shacked up in Paradise”. It’s 18 months old, but I happened across a mention of it when I was looking for album covers for my Amarok collection. I always like Jackie Orszaczky’s music, although I haven’t seen a performance in ages, and the albums that he and Tina put out are old favourites. The new album is yet… Read more →

A music playlist feed

I’ve started using Audioscrobbler. since the new audio player, Amarok I’ve been using had a plugin and I was curious. It’s interesting to see the graphs produced by my listening. The main artists shown are Tom Waits, The Residents, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell and the Falling Joys. At least one Australian artist made it there, given my protestations about the… Read more →


One. A tired, footsore waif are you I have an overwhelming urge to pick you up and hold you close To soothe your weary limbs Two. The sunlight’s on your hair and frames a vision worthy of the greatest painters No-one could be prettier than you Three. Talk and company upon a blust’ry eve I find myself spell-bound, enchanted on… Read more →

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