It rained today

We knew it was coming. The weathermen (who couldn’t miss a front this size) warned us. This morning I wore a long-sleeved shirt and packed my raincoat. At lunch, I knew we were in for nasty weather when it was cold enough to put on my beanie and big-ride vest. All afternoon it came down. At 5, I girded my… Read more →

Tales from the Australian Underground

I found a great double CD on the weekend, containing music from around the time I first came to Sydney from the north coast. Some of the bands on the list were one that were still playing and I could see (The Triffids, Lighthouse Keepers, Ed Kuepper, The Celibate Rifles, The Hard-Ons, Do-Re-Mi, The Sunnyboys, The Plunderers). Others were only… Read more →

Bride and Prejudice

I went to a hen’s party today. That may seem strange, but the bride-to-be is an old friend I used to work with and a BtVS fan, whereas I hardly know the prospective groom. They are having a small wedding and couldn’t invite all their friends to the wedding, so I and another male friend were invited to join Robyn… Read more →

Me and Charlie Brown

It was a dark and stormy night. (No. Wait.) (That’s not right. The storm was several days before we met, and fades into a murky past made darker by the present brilliance of your eyes.) (Let me start again.) I did but see her p… (Ahh. Something’s wrong. I’m generally not this clumsy with my words. Why do I have… Read more →


What forms a butterfly? The absence, not the sum of parts, I think The first time that I saw you I felt empty, as if each part of me had vanished from its place. My heart (the cliched fool) was in my mouth, and maybe that’s the reason for my traitor tongue and lips to utter mere inanities Impress you… Read more →

In Other Words

On the weekend I bought the most wonderful book by Christopher J. Moore, called “In Other Words”. It’s a list of words and phrases in various languages that are untranslatable in their full meaning. There are so many great entries including: yoko meshi [yoh-koh mesh-ee] (noun) “As an untranslatable, this one ranks high on my list of favorites. I could… Read more →

I wonder why the wonderfalls over a bittorrent?

My Wonderfalls DVD box set arrived mid-week, and I’ve spent a good deal of time watching it so far. I love it. Apart from the obvious Tim Minear connection leading me to find out about it, I may not have bought it if I hadn’t sampled a couple of episodes through BT. Having the ability to try before I buy,… Read more →

Channel 7 is incompetent – can’t screen Firefly in the correct order

This is a cute article from The Age detailing a viewer’s frustration with the way Ch7 has fucked up the Firefly programming: A year after the show was screened in the US, they still can’t get it right. I gave up trying to watch it on TV halfway through the first episode that they screened (Train Job) and pulled out… Read more →

My new favourite beverage

Having heard a track from this band from the music of Dead Like Me, I found that Sympathetique is available locally. It”s great. p i n k m a r t i n i On a side note, I think that’s it’s stupid that the official DLM website is not available from outside the states. Still, there are enough good… Read more →

What I have waiting to read (and watch)

As an adjunct to the last post, I thought I’d list the contents of the pile of book already waiting to be read. I also have a lot of DVDs piled up as well. The Locus Awards – bought mainly for a Neil Gaiman story The Shipping news – I haven’t really been able to get into Proulx’s work but… Read more →

Book shopping

(like I don’t have enough to read) I went to Gleebooks today on my way back from getting my tax return done. I was there mainly to renew my book club membership, but also to buy a copy of 1984. Instead of that, I ended up with the following: Eats Shoots & Leaves – a zero tolerance approach to punctuation,… Read more →

The state of media in the US

A nice piece by Sheila Sample about the lack or integrity from Fox News and CNN et al. It’s depressing to read quotes lke this from CBS’ Dan Rather. Bush is my president. Whatever he tells me to do, I’ll just salute, line up behind him and say ‘Yes Sir! That’s a man who is not interested in the truth,… Read more →

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