My trip south didn’t go as planned

Having monitored the weather forecasts over the last week, I saw that the heatwave in Sydney was heading north and that it was peaking on Tuesday. That’s when I had to start riding south in order to catch the train back to Sydney from Coffs Harbour. I got up at 5am and was on the road just after 6, roughly… Read more →

Thoughts on The Last Jedi

So, yeah, this’ll be spoilery… I liked it but it’s obviously struck a nerve with the crybaby snowflakes, who have started a petition demanding that the film be removed from canon by Disney. Not having read other reviews in an attempt to watch it unencumbered by preconceptions, I’m probably repeating what others have written but here goes nothing.

Christmas holidays ride 2017

Monday I caught the train from Central to Coffs Harbour and reassembled the bike and rode to the motel where I rebalanced the load in the panniers. It appears that tomorrow’s weather will be reasonable. As far as I can see, the heat wave won’t hit the north coast until the weekend. Tuesday I got up at 5am and was… Read more →

Some people worth supporting on Patreon

Just because I can no longer afford to support people on Patreon doesn’t mean that I don’t think they’re worth supporting. Here’s a list of the people I’ve had to drop from my creator list and why I think they’re worth your money. Rebecca Watson makes great videos about science and skepticism with none of the bullshit ‘bro bullshit. fabioz is responsible… Read more →

Patreon has just killed the income stream for a ton of artists, etc.

I’ve long supported a bunch of people on Patreon, from artists like Amanda Palmer, writers like Laurie Penny and  activists like Asher Wolf along with podcasters, cartoonists, technologists etc. Since there is a ton of worthy causes and interesting talent out there, I have followed the common practice of give $1 pledges to a whole lot of people, and slightly… Read more →

2017 ‘Gong Ride update

I rode the 2017 Gong Ride yesterday. Unfortunately Danya couldn’t make it – he came down with a cold on Friday and wasn’t able to recover in time. Given the weather, I’m glad he didn’t try and push himself to ride; it was quite wet and cold at times. The number of participants was perhaps slightly smaller due to the… Read more →

Cat on a lead

We finally decided that Ripley was settling into the new place, and put a harness and lead on her. Then we took her “walking” in the back yard. She was nervous and slinking around – partly due to the indignity of being trussed up 🙂 Meg was very bemused and solicitous and kept wanting to help, which Ripley wasn’t keen… Read more →

Changed work circumstances

Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly apparent that the company at which I work doesn’t need an office. When we downsized our premises in 2012, it might not yet (just) have been economically a good option – various cloud providers like AWS and Rackspace didn’t have the solutions available that they do now – and there was also… Read more →

HelloFresh is Part of a Modern Cancer

We had a door-knocker today from HelloFresh (not giving them a link) – a company that is marketing itself as an alternative for shopping and preparing food. You choose from a handful of recipes, order on-line and get a bunch of portioned ingredients delivered which you then combine. I was aware of American versions (Blue Apron being one), but wasn’t… Read more →

Keep track of your medicines!

This weekend I learnt not to trust Ambulance and Hospital staff with my medication. I was admitted on Saturday morning early with chest pains (being of that age 🙁 with a family history) and the Ambos must have taken my blood pressure and cholesterol tablets. That was  either for easy referral to by hospital staff, or in case I needed… Read more →

Ride Reflections

Looking back on the ride, I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I rode 880km over 12 days – 65 and a half hours – and felt quite capable of continuing. My schedule of 3 day’s riding, a rest day, 4 day’s riding, a rest day and a final 3 day’s riding worked perfectly. However, that depended on a routine of… Read more →

Day 12 - Casino to Huonbrook

Day 12 – Casino to Huonbrook

Final day! Today was another start just after 7am. I had a good run into Lismore (the usual crawl past Parrots Nest), and got there by 8:30. After a meusli bar, I continued though to Bexhill and then onto Clunes, where I stopped for lunch just after 10. The climb up from the railway line to the ridge-top after Bexhill… Read more →

Day 11 – Grafton to Casino

Today was another good day. My average speed was over 18km/h which is something I haven’t done since I first started riding this route in 2007, and certainly not with such a load. I woke up slightly early and was on the road by 6:40, and could soon tell I was setting a decent pace, settling into a slow but… Read more →

Day 10 - Coffs Harbour to Grafton

Day 10 – Coffs Harbour to Grafton

Today was a good day. I’d mostly packed last night, with only the toiletries and tablet to go into a front pannier. By about 6:45, I was on the road although I’m not exactly sure since the GPS didn’t start recording when I thought it should have. At about 4km I realised and started recording just before I started the… Read more →

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