cycling accident

Don’cha feel silly coming off when you’re not interacting with traffic. At least there had been heavy rain and strong winds to blame it on. This evening, coming home, on a corner I’ve ridden a thousand times, I skidded on a corner, and lost control. The bike appears fine as the panniers took the fall (although I’ll have to look… Read more →

Hell is other people’s blogs

followed by “I’m with Xenu”… There’s been a few articles in the last day about the blogging’s role in society: will it replace or augment traditional news media; is it the new pet rock of the internet. Back in 1997, people were concerned about personal web pages being a blight on the ‘net, and it was only with some thought… Read more →

Terrorist, schmerrorist

Can we officially declare “terrorist” a non-word? When we get to the point of politicians calling other politicians terrorists for upholding a minority viewpoint, it leaches all meaning from the word. Here’s the extract from the article quoting Liberal MP Sophie Panopoulos: “There is an arrogance in the thinking by a few individuals who are at odds with the vast… Read more →

A scurvy government leads to sick students

A Senate inquiry into student income support has found that students are now becoming sick with scurvy because government doesn’t want to pay them enough in educational allowance and rent assistance schemes. The inquiry heard from Professor Robert William Watts, an academic researcher, who said in the most severe cases students had attempted to survive on around $30 per week… Read more →

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea

Neil Gaiman posted a complaint in his journal about American ignorance of tea,and has been inundated with comments and links, including Douglas Adam’s description of how to make a proper cup. The point of my post is to note that Neil says that one of the best cups of tea he had was in Australia. The method shown to him… Read more →

Photo-labs may not print out your photos

There’s a worrying trend for those who are good amateur digital photographers (I guess that mean’s I’m not affected 🙂 ). Walmart, in particular, is so worried about copyright breaches in printing out the photographs it has been sent by customers, that it refuses to hand them over if they look too good. The rationale is that you couldn’t have… Read more →

Pharyngula::A historian disgraces himself

This is an interesting and good dissection of some history professor’s bogus attack on evolution – I highly recommend reading it. The sort of argument the professor espouses is typified by the following: Evolution appears to be plainly impossible. Animals cannot “evolve” into new and different species. If one breeds cats for a thousand generations, they will still be cats,… Read more →

Bloody Telstra

Yesterday Exetel sent mail saing that Telstra had started having trouble connecting ADSL customers across Australia. I am sure that such service problems weren’t as common before privatisation. The worst thing is that I’ve now come to expect problems, and and particularly in a hurry to complain to anyone since I’m sure that it’ll do no good – the problem… Read more →

The EST took my baby from me

The EST took my baby from me They took her away Away from me The EST took my baby from me They took her away Away from me (apologies to Ramones fans) …and she wasn’t my baby, but I do spend a lot of my time in the land of what could be. Anyway I got dumped today by someone… Read more →

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