Reaction time variables in the killing of Nicola Calipari

A math lesson that illustrates the way in which the soldiers shot before giving them time to react to a warning. according to the U.S. military, they fired warning shots within 2.7 seconds of flashing a warning light, and used “deadly force” 2.3 seconds after that The driver would have had almost no time to react to the warning before… Read more →

Cycling and socialisation

Today I was passed by a hoon on a road bike, down White’s Creek. I was dawdling along by the aqueduct in the middle of the track when, all of a sudden, there was a rush of air and the guy was 10 metres down the path. If I could have caught up to him I would have given him… Read more →

New ride to work

I took the new route to work this morning. It was about 11km – 3 times the distance – and 45 minutes (also thrice the old time). I had forgotten that the dirt section up to Foss St. requires a dismount at each end. Also, you have to climb up Foss St. to get out of there, so it’s best… Read more →

four canals and a greenway

I went for a midday ride today, trying to follow the above-titled ride from the BNSW’s “Cycling around Sydney”. Looking at the directions and map in the book, I was not at all confident of getting around the route without getting lost. It happened, and I blame the silly litle maps they put in the book. Also, if all roads… Read more →

It rained today

We knew it was coming. The weathermen (who couldn’t miss a front this size) warned us. This morning I wore a long-sleeved shirt and packed my raincoat. At lunch, I knew we were in for nasty weather when it was cold enough to put on my beanie and big-ride vest. All afternoon it came down. At 5, I girded my… Read more →

Software’s game of mutually assured damage – Ross Gittins –

More scary proof that the world has gone mad. It appears that the logic is now “patent them all and let USPTO sort them out” Software’s game of mutually assured damage – Ross Gittins –

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