Garmin Australia is Incompetent

For about a year I’ve had a fault lodged with them, over the inability to turn off guide-popups on the Edge 810. The documentation says that it’s possible, and there’s a menu option that is supposed to do that, but it doesn’t work for me. Initially I had discussions with Level 1 support who didn’t appear familiar with the products… Read more →

On why I decided to use fitness sites

On why I decided to use fitness sites

A while back, I wrote about “living by numbers” and the privacy risks etc. that go with that. There’s a whole movement now based around this concept, and I still worry about the issues, primarily now the concern being philosophical – does what people do only matter if it’s quantified? Still, I’ve been happy for a while putting my cycling… Read more →

The dehumanising result of treating civilians as enemy combatants

This is a wonderfully powerful article about the mind games and the dynamics of power at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. Soldiers and civilians alike all end up having their personalities subsumed by the arbitrary nature of it all, and the whole business ends up being a big mind fuck. Boston Review — Oded Na’aman: The Checkpoint

The stupid, it burns!!

This is a really great rant about the state of public discourse in Australia, and about the bull-shit spread by people who feel that their profits are threatened. Australiar and the idiot dilemma – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) People squeal long and loud when their vested interests are under threat. What’s astonishing is how others treat these objections.

It’s nice to see another pie in the face for the Republicans

One of the oddest things I’ve seen in US politics recently is the fact that Paul Ryan had said his favourite band is Rage Against the Machine – but for the music not the lyrics. Is that like saying you smoked dope but didn’t inhale? Remind me – was that Clinton? Anyway, RATM frontman Tom Morello has come out in… Read more →

Julia Gillard gets a good talking to……

I mean, really! The nation’s most publicised atheist is keynote speaker at a conference of Christian bigots? That’s such serious pandering that it almost wouldn’t surprise me if Julia got dressed up as a furry for the event. There should be a sign…: Dear Ms Gillard News came out today that our esteemed Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, will be the… Read more →

“If God is real, he’s a fucking lunatic”…

This made me laugh out loud Scenes From A Multiverse – Where Fashion Sits Did God’s parents drop him a lot when he was a baby? Into a clothes dryer, maybe? It’s the only reason I can imagine that God has such issues with clothing. First, we were all supposed to be nude. The…

More lies from the GOP

This needs to be more widely disseminated – the American right-wing is blatantly lying, and their attempt to re-write the history of the internet is pathetic given that the main players involved in its creation are still alive to recount the actual events. Lauren Weinstein originally shared this post: Lauren Weinstein’s Blog: The Right-Wing’s “Big Lie” Attacks Against the Internet

Yay for cats!

Thisis a wonderful story about pets as a way of drawing out people with emotional issues. Lauren Weinstein originally shared this post: Boy with anxiety disorder who can't say 'I love you' taught to show his emotions – by his cat Lorcan Dillon, from Greater Manchester, has a form of mutism which means he struggles to express himself. Now his… Read more →

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