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Civil liberties, free speech and privacy issues

Nicola Roxon wants to know what websites you visited

I wonder if this is what Stephen Conroy was sniggering about when asked about the state of his filter proposal… It’s certainly a step backwards from having an unaccountable blacklist that prevents you from accessing certain sites, to a scheme whereby all sites you visit are recorded. Here’s a thought – if the government couldn’t justify opening everyone’s physical communications… Read more →

Thrown off a train for taking photos

No, not me. I don’t take trains much any more. Anyway, I can’t imagine that much paranoia in Australia yet. The incident happened in America (where else?) and is reported here. Basically, a Japanese tourist with very little English language skills was asked by a train conductor not to take photos of the countryside for national security reasons (!??!). At… Read more →

Security theatre, and Security farce

I haven’t read Bruce Schneier’s blog in some time, so there was bound to be a few interesting articles waiting for me there. In one, we find that police in London cordon off city blocks because of a restaurant cooking chilli (farce); and in the other we find very reasonable outrage as the banning of purses as well as backpacks… Read more →

Be outraged

I just finished reading the story of an American cyclist who had a very nasty run-in with Minneapolis police last September. He was tasered and jailed after questioning the reason for being told to get off his bike when leaving the St. Paul airport. According to his story, he was falsely accused of taking a swing at the officer when… Read more →

Another good article by Robert Frisk

Robert Frisk has a piece published in The Independent entitled “The true story of Free Speech in America”. It’s a sad and excoriating read about the way that the US and Britain treats people who question the official line, who try and raise issues that the authorities want to be buried; the way that the voices of those not in… Read more →

Material support

It’s probably been asked before, but would someone bring a charge against Bush and Cheney for “providing material support”? Their actions were much more useful in supporting Al Qaida than Hicks’ were. Anyone who read/listened to the transcript of the AFP interview with Hicks in 2001, as shown of 4 Corners last night, and thought that he was a terrorist… Read more →

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