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Shit’s about to get real for the Bennet sisters

So I mentioned a while back that I’ve been following the new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  Since Christmas we’ve seen the start of the story arc with Lydia and George Wickham, which is climaxing this week with the revelation of a sex tape. I’d been wondering for a while what the writers would do… Read more →

Well, the drums rolled off in my forehead

And the guns went off in my chest Remember carrying the baby just for you Crying in the wilderness …………….. All together, now: It’s a wide open road, it’s a wide open road. Now you can go any place that you want to go…. And I suppose it’s pretty obvious that I have just seen [tag]The Triffids[/tag]. Well, anyway, A… Read more →

Appreciating the classics

I heartily recommend Across The Universe. It very aptly puts a whole lot of Beatles classics into a decent context, with some lovely reinterpretations in the mix. Contrary to what David and Margaret said, I think that the storyline is fine. Of course the movie is a musical, so that sets the bar a bit lower than normal… You’ve also… Read more →

Dylan hears a who

Here’s the latest MP3 mashup circulating the net… Dylan Hears a Who. Imagine Subterranean HomeSick Blues but with lyrics by Dr. Seuss. There’s a 55M download which features Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat In The Hat, among others. It’s hilarious, if maybe something that would get old soon. However, if you’re a fan of Ted Geisel and Robert… Read more →

Alan Moore and Lost Girls

Neil Gaiman reports that Alan Moore was interviewed on the BBC recently, on the topic of his latest work – Lost Girls. In precis, it’s a fictional work based upon the idea that Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Wendy (from Peter Pan) and Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) have all grown up, and meet in a beautiful art-nouveau hotel in… Read more →


I just came back, a while ago, from seeing Neil Gaiman in Conversation – as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival. As part of the proceedings, he read a little piece, called Orange,  commisioned for a sci-fi anthology. It’s a very cute story which should work better, as he intimated, on the page but still is quite fun when spoken…. Read more →

Anti-terrorism squad nab man singing Clash

The outcome should have been “man arrested for singing badly in public and annoying people”. Instead, singing along to a Clash track has resulted in a man being hassled by the anti-terrorism police forces. What if you play protests songs out loud in the office or in the street – will that now be a sign that you are a… Read more →

American Edit

I’ve never been a Green Day fan, but a while ago I head of a mashup based upon their American Idiot album from 2004 and downloaded a track called Boulevarde of Broken Dreams that combines Green Day, Travis, Oasis and Eminem. It was good, but now that I’ve managed to download the entire collection, it’s by no means the standout,… Read more →

Don’t buy “Gold Medal” by the Donnas

… and maybe not anything else by them. I went to RedEye today – and found the Barbarellas CD. While I was there I went browsing through the store and came out with about $170 worth, including a great Bats compilation, the Fourplay digital remix (also great), The Louisville Sluggers’ debut and also the Donnas CD which I bought on… Read more →

New CD purchases

I went to Fish to see if they had The Barbarellas compilation (a bit old, but I only found out about it last night). Instead, I walked out with the Yo La Tengo compilation “Prisoners of Love”, a BodyJar retrospective, an old classic of the period – The Sundays “reading, writing and arithmetic” – and the Jodi Phillis CD “for… Read more →

Latest CD purchase

Tina Harrod “Shacked up in Paradise”. It’s 18 months old, but I happened across a mention of it when I was looking for album covers for my Amarok collection. I always like Jackie Orszaczky’s music, although I haven’t seen a performance in ages, and the albums that he and Tina put out are old favourites. The new album is yet… Read more →

A music playlist feed

I’ve started using Audioscrobbler. since the new audio player, Amarok I’ve been using had a plugin and I was curious. It’s interesting to see the graphs produced by my listening. The main artists shown are Tom Waits, The Residents, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell and the Falling Joys. At least one Australian artist made it there, given my protestations about the… Read more →

Tales from the Australian Underground

I found a great double CD on the weekend, containing music from around the time I first came to Sydney from the north coast. Some of the bands on the list were one that were still playing and I could see (The Triffids, Lighthouse Keepers, Ed Kuepper, The Celibate Rifles, The Hard-Ons, Do-Re-Mi, The Sunnyboys, The Plunderers). Others were only… Read more →

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