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Google Earth woes

For the last week or so, I’ve had issues with [tag]Google Earth[/tag]. In May, this year, I purchased – from idle curiosity – a Plus license to see if it offered anything really useful above the functionality from the free version. Since that time I installed it on my linux laptop, my linux OS at home, then the windows partition… Read more →

GPS Route Planner

Reading through the MotionBased forums, I saw a reference to a new tool and instructions for working with GPS units on Linux. Martyn at Marengo has created another Google Maps tool for creating GPX documents, which seems simple and effective. Unfortunately there still seems to be some issues with uploading the data to the Edge305 using GPSBabel. Still, that’s not… Read more →

Bikely – another Google Maps application

The number of tools using Google Maps seems to ever increase. I saw Bikely mentioned in the latest Australian Cyclist and had a look. It’s a nice community site that allows you to document your favourite bike path with annotations at intersections etc., so that others can take advantage of your experience. It’s still rough – in particular, the forums… Read more →


Obviously a play on the name of the site Wikipedia, Wikimapia is a nice looking search application build on Google Maps. You can search for a city or place and the map will show a containing map with a bounding box around the result. It also allows you to add places to the database.

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