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Shit’s about to get real for the Bennet sisters

So I mentioned a while back that I’ve been following the new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  Since Christmas we’ve seen the start of the story arc with Lydia and George Wickham, which is climaxing this week with the revelation of a sex tape. I’d been wondering for a while what the writers would do… Read more →

There will be an Oscar

I guess Daniel Day Lewis is assured an Oscar for his work in There Will Be Blood. Unfortunately, the rest of the film doesn’t live up to his standard. If ever there was a film to base a thesis on how little a good actor can carry a poor film, this is it. I walked out feeling fairly disappointed with… Read more →

More for the Neil Gaiman fans among us

and for fans of animation… Neil writes that a trailer for Coraline has been leaked to the web, and that the production company have given them a better quality version to distribute. It’s a nice little teaser, and I imagine it looks spectacular in 3D.

Well, the drums rolled off in my forehead

And the guns went off in my chest Remember carrying the baby just for you Crying in the wilderness …………….. All together, now: It’s a wide open road, it’s a wide open road. Now you can go any place that you want to go…. And I suppose it’s pretty obvious that I have just seen [tag]The Triffids[/tag]. Well, anyway, A… Read more →

Appreciating the classics

I heartily recommend Across The Universe. It very aptly puts a whole lot of Beatles classics into a decent context, with some lovely reinterpretations in the mix. Contrary to what David and Margaret said, I think that the storyline is fine. Of course the movie is a musical, so that sets the bar a bit lower than normal… You’ve also… Read more →

And the difference is…

Last night I went to the local Dendy cinema to see Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. Beforehand there were three shorts, all for movies that interest me: Ne le dis à personne, The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward, Robert Ford and Control. In contrast, last week at the commercial alternative – Hoyts – I’ve been recently presented… Read more →

Go the Jets! (and the Bunnies)

I’m not much of a follower of rugby league. In fact, I’m more than likely to derisively refer to thugby league. However, the last few weeks have seen me paying more than passing interest in the code. I guess I’m always sympathetic to an underdog, and Souths fit the bill. The last few weeks, the ABC has screened a documentary… Read more →

Loosely based…

This weekend, I saw references to forthcoming films that are billed as “loosely based” upon a SF book. One is “The Golden Man”, released as Next, in the US. A plus is that Lee Tamahori is the director, and Nicolas Cage can act when he gets good material work with. Unfortunately, Philip K. Dick’s dark tale of the future of… Read more →

Romulus, My Father and Stardust

I guess that Raimond Gaita’s book must be a good read, given this review. Certainly the movie is wonderful. Eric Bana proves again that he is masterful actor, and Franke Potente is also great, but Cody Smit-McPhee has to be the standout as the young boy struggling to come to terms with the tragedies that are his parent’s lives. The… Read more →

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