A liquid lunch

A liquid lunch – my shout. Loosened tongues allow us latitude to spill the beans and lay it on the line. Sober’s not conducive to a frank discussion of the issues that we all skirt past in office meetings Next round – the boss is buying, both the beers and the bullshit that starts to fly around the room. “He’s… Read more →

He needs a bell

“he needs a bell”, she said as they moved aside “Excuse me, coming through!”, I called, and “Thank you” as I cycled past. You can’t do decent manners with a bell. A machine’s the easy option. It keeps us insulated, safe, no need to really interact. We keep ourselves apart as if we’re scared of what will happen when our… Read more →


People are like volcanos… One percent above the surface and ninety-nine percent cliche. — A sombre contemplation of life’s mysteries (or so I told myself) has turned into the Sisyphean task of measuring the heavens in your eyes. And the stars I think I’ve found just vanish when you leave my side. To be with you – entranced in all… Read more →


Tonight I saw the inner me escape its bonds and smile. That self, who sees the things I won’t, stood up and stretched, and placed some coins into a stranger’s hat. And for the briefest time compassion raised its ugly head. It handed me a bunch of flowers and the walls came down Luckily I caught a glimpse of all… Read more →


One. A tired, footsore waif are you I have an overwhelming urge to pick you up and hold you close To soothe your weary limbs Two. The sunlight’s on your hair and frames a vision worthy of the greatest painters No-one could be prettier than you Three. Talk and company upon a blust’ry eve I find myself spell-bound, enchanted on… Read more →

Me and Charlie Brown

It was a dark and stormy night. (No. Wait.) (That’s not right. The storm was several days before we met, and fades into a murky past made darker by the present brilliance of your eyes.) (Let me start again.) I did but see her p… (Ahh. Something’s wrong. I’m generally not this clumsy with my words. Why do I have… Read more →


What forms a butterfly? The absence, not the sum of parts, I think The first time that I saw you I felt empty, as if each part of me had vanished from its place. My heart (the cliched fool) was in my mouth, and maybe that’s the reason for my traitor tongue and lips to utter mere inanities Impress you… Read more →

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