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This is delicious. When the chant of SUA occurred at the end of the skit, and when I first saw it mentioned online, I was confused until I realised that it’s just more nationalism in the same vein as Ronmey’s. Apparently, google wasn’t asking “Do you mean America?” when searching for Amercia, today – which is an indication of how… Read more →

There should be more reactions like this…

There should be more reactions like this against even "casual" jokie sexism … and racism and… Pilot Kicks Sexist Off Her Plane : Ms. Magazine Blog Imagine you're a certified commercial pilot, and you're among the 6.6 percent of them who happen to be women. You've passed all the same training as your male colleagues and proven that yo…

The end of a cycling era

The Tour of California was Robbie McEwan’s final race, and this is a look at his final day. As he says, it’s a seamless transition into the management/support side of GreenEdge for him. Congratulations to a great athlete on a wonderful career Orica-GreenEDGE Sunrise to Sunset – Robbie McEwen The final day of an amazing career comes to a close…. Read more →

Don’t force your religion down our throats

Apparently sombody complained about this performance by Tim Minchin to ACMA, in their role of moral guardian of all Australians (both ACMA and the complainant seeing themselves in that role, I suppose). What is it about religion that makes people into fucking idiots?

The derp is strong in some people

Without clear evidence of a causal linkage, I’m deeply suspect of claims that wind turbines are causing serious health problems. It feels like the old adage that “daylight savings causes the curtains to fade”. Wind turbines power mass hysteria – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) There is nothing known to medicine that comes close to the morbid apocalypse being… Read more →

How Yahoo screwed Flickr

I’m in two minds about this article on how Yahoo basically back-stabbed Flickr. While I see that it could be so much more of a great socially connected site for people who like that sort of thing, that’s not how or why I use it to store my photos. The comment about it being like a archive of nostalgia is… Read more →

Carts and horses

Carts and horses This article resonates strongly with me. Don’t learn to code since that’s not the point. The goal is to solve a problem, and another piece of programming may not be the best way of solving it. Coding Horror: Please Don’t Learn to Code

Christians bearing false witness

People in Australia might have seen a report mention in the news over the weekend from an organisation named Doctors for the Family, which says that same-sex parenting is bad for children and that there’s science behind the claim. Based upon the name alone, alarms should have been ringing for anyone suspecting shenanigans, and it turns out that this is… Read more →

A current lack of political backbone

4 Corners on Monday night did a look back at the Mabo decision (20 years ago), and there was some nice snippets of an interview with Paul Keating where he discussed the opposition to land rights. This Drum piece shows the difference between politicians then and now (now being spineless). Public discussion enters the age of the uninformed – The… Read more →

This is another example of a stupid politician…

This is another example of a stupid politician threatening people who make fun of him.Andrew Nikolic exemplifies what is wrong with Australian politicians and their understanding of technology – as well of common decency. Not only did he do threaten people, he then tried to deny having done so, even when presented with proof. Liberal candidate threatens Facebook users over… Read more →

Nicola Roxon wants to know what websites you visited

I wonder if this is what Stephen Conroy was sniggering about when asked about the state of his filter proposal… It’s certainly a step backwards from having an unaccountable blacklist that prevents you from accessing certain sites, to a scheme whereby all sites you visit are recorded. Here’s a thought – if the government couldn’t justify opening everyone’s physical communications… Read more →

Some music for you

This is a nice collection of (free and) raw versions of songs from Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman. I think he makes a good psycho (although Tex Perkins was better). The interview and videos are a nice extra, too Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Be sure to check out the full session page that has videos as well as an… Read more →

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