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  1. Kathy Rose
    Kathy Rose at |

    Interesting times we live in. It beggers belief that this could have happened. And it puts paid to the idea that I have any clue at all what people out there are thinking!

  2. jr
    jr at |

    If only the Neanderthals of whom you speak would follow their namesakes to extinction. Alas we live in Cro-Magnon times…

  3. jr
    jr at |

    At least if the vote was that close the party is obviously split, and that’s got to be a plus, whatever kind of a troglodyte they put on the throne.

  4. JR
    JR at |

    Interesting juxtaposition you have there, pontiff and KKK =^)

  5. JR
    JR at |

    3-way pun! I like!

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