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  1. Filth
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    Am I the only one that thought Cale played awfully? He had no high notes, coughed through a couple of songs, had no energy, missed the start of one of the songs, and his voice strained throughout. He looked ill. I was standing about two metres away in front of his piano. He said at the end – ‘Sorry Sydney, I owe you one’, and left the stage quickly. He did no encore. I thought he was really sick, as in had bad flu or something. Bruce Elder in the SMH also gave him a glowing review… I’ve seen a lot of superannuated stars over the last year – Eno, Hassell, Lee Scratch Perry, Leonard Cohen and David Byrne – but Cale was by far in the worst shape. What gives?

  2. Althusser
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    I’m with Filth – it was an awful concert. The sound and the mix were bad bad BAD! I thought that there was probably a good concert underneath the excessive volume and distortion – I wondered what the person at the big mixing desk was doing, exactly. I was seated in the upstairs lounge – more than a few people got up and walked out! And, yes, I thought that his “Sydney, I owe you one” comment was spot on. As for Bruce Elder’s review, I have to ask that old cliche – was he at the same concert as I was? Anyway, the verdict is definitely “could try harder”. Maybe Leonard Cohen has spoiled us forever – THAT was a good concert. And the final insult: Lou Reed was much better when he was here.

  3. goliath
    goliath at |

    did anyone tape this?
    one comment i have to make (and i wasnt there) Cale concerts are loud affairs these days, if the bassist was distorted that was the way it was meant to be.
    its been like that i europe for a while, maybe cale wants any tapers to get distorted copies of the recording, maybe its just the kinda music he’s listening to these days.

  4. Mel
    Mel at |

    enmore always has bad sound, bring ear plugs if you’re ever there. Ithought it was ok, but what’s with the no encore?

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