Radicalised by religion

Stephen Green is a hypocritical homophobic misogynist, and by the sound of this story, those are his good qualities. Reading it, I realised that something you don’t hear often enough – because it ‘s just as true for Christianity as any other religion – is how people are radicalised by strict adherence to literal interpretations of the Christian faith. It is quite common, in my experience, for that phrase to be used in relation to Islam, but no religion is exempt to being a radicalising force.

By the sound of it Green went from being a fairly sensible person to being a raving loonie. That wasn’t from some already radical branch of Christianity, but from Protestantism. It obviously doesn’t require exposure to loonies that are already out there eg. the Westboro Baptists, and I suspect their origins were similarly innocuous. Once someone like Phelps or Green gets a taste for the power he exerts over his followers, things can easily spiral into the exact opposite of the original intentions of leading a more moral life than those around you.

Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity) makes the point that religion in general is a corrosive and hypocritical force compared to atheism, and I have to agree.


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