Channel 7 is incompetent – can’t screen Firefly in the correct order

This is a cute article from The Age detailing a viewer’s frustration with the way Ch7 has fucked up the Firefly programming:

A year after the show was screened in the US, they still can’t get it right. I gave up trying to watch it on TV halfway through the first episode that they screened (Train Job) and pulled out the DVDs again.

When I first heard that 7 were going to screen it, I was quite pleased and thought that someone there must be a fan. Now I’m fairly certain that no-one there cares. The article seems to confirm this.

TUESDAY night 12.35am.

Channel Seven switchboard: Channel Seven switchboard, can I help you?

Me: Yes. Can you tell me whether you will be showing Firefly this evening?

Ch 7: Um, when was it scheduled?

Me: At 12.30, but there seems to be some CNN interview crap on now.

Ch 7: Yes, Firefly is scheduled to show tonight.

Me: When?

Ch 7: At 12.30.

Me: Well, it isn’t on now.

Ch 7: It will be.

Me: Well, why is this interview thing on?

Ch 7: Frequently we show a filler program when there is a gap in the scheduled programs.

Me: A gap? What, the programs weren’t running late enough?

Ch 7: I don’t know, madam, a filler program is sometimes used . . .

Me: OK. Can you tell me whether Firefly will be scheduled at the same time every week?

Ch 7: I’m sorry. You’ll have to call programming tomorrow.

Me: Thank you.

Ch 7: You’re welcome.

(I hang up, put a tape in and retire to bed.)

Wednesday morning 11.15am.

Halfway through watching a tape of last night’s program with breakfast.

Channel Seven switchboard: Channel 7 switchboard, how may I help you?

Me: I would like to speak to programming, please.

Ch 7: Are you sure? Maybe I can help you with your inquiry?

Me: I am calling to inquire why Channel Seven has seen fit to show the second episode of a new sci-fi series before showing the first episode.

Ch 7: Putting you through.

Ch 7: Programming. How may I help you?

Me: You can tell me why you have decided to show a program out of sequence? The episode I watched last night was the first and you played the second last week.

Ch 7: What program was it?

Me: Firefly.

Ch 7: Firefly (looking it up). Yes, that show was sent to us out of sequence, and we played it as we received it.

Me: The first episode second? Didn’t anyone notice?

Ch 7: We played it the way they played it in the United States.

Me: So you’re as incompetent as the US?

Ch 7: I assure you, madam, Channel Seven is not incompetent.

Me: I (splutter) I think you are incompetent.

Ch 7: Thank you for calling.

(I hang up.)

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