I wonder why the wonderfalls over a bittorrent?

My Wonderfalls DVD box set arrived mid-week, and I’ve spent a good deal of time watching it so far. I love it. Apart from the obvious Tim Minear connection leading me to find out about it, I may not have bought it if I hadn’t sampled a couple of episodes through BT.

Having the ability to try before I buy, means that the media companies have profited by selling a copy of Wonderfalls and then Dead Like Me (which I also loved). Maybe I’m dumb, but surely the media comglomerates must realise that BT is building them a market. If they took positive steps to reach fans, rather than suing dead people, some of the great TV that they abandon (Firefly, Wonderfalls et. al – thanks, Fox for nothing) could still be enjoyed and make them money.

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