Writers who can’t read

A ebook lending website – that linked to Amazon and B&N – offering to connect owners of a book to people who want to borrow, and also containing link to allow people to buy the books from said retailers,  has been shuttered by a bunch of illiterate writers who though that they were taking on a case of copyright infringement. Seriously, if you’re going to sign a contract with Amazon that allows your book to be lent out for a small period, perhaps you should read the contract first, and then realise that people might actually want to lend and borrow your book.

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Seriously disgusting.

Piracy witch hunt downs legit e-book lending Web site

commentary: Several authors on Twitter mistook an e-book lending Web site for a piracy hub, a mistake that eventually took the site offline. As the dust settles, a disturbing picture of file-sh…

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