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  1. James Rose
    James Rose at |

    Why not make it compulsory to wear a helmet up til 18 (or age of consent) and then leave to adults to make up their own minds? Simple, since kids are pretty much by definition less experienced and adults can still choose to wear a helmet if they think they should.

  2. Eric Rose
    Eric Rose at |

    The idea of integrating cycle training into schools, like the US does with Driver Education classes, is worthwhile IMO. If basic cycling road safety is inculcated into people, and they understand the risks of using the road, then they can make an informed choice about wearing a helmet or not.

    Mind you, un-informed choices about risks is a bigger problem than just helmets 🙂

  3. James Rose
    James Rose at |

    Give students information about the risks, training in the techniques, and a little primer in applied statistics. Couldn't hurt.

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