Danya’s new place

I went riding out around the harbour yesterday and dropped in at Danya’s new place while I was out that way. The place is big, and gloomy with the front curtains shut and the lights off in the dining and lounge rooms. It’s styled in some strange sort of faux-Austrian/Swiss/German manner with greek columns supporting the roof over the front patio. The windows in the front have stained-glass sections and there’s wood panelling everywhere, up to the point of having decorative(?) wooded beams on the ceiling of the kitchen/rumpus room. At least the kitchen is spacious, and there are cupboards and storage spaces galore.

The center of the three bathrooms is idiosyncratic, with a gradation of pink tiles, so different from the wood tones in the rest of the house. The bath has two little gargoyle or cherub faces from whose mouths the water pours. There are two archway-separated alcoves containing the toilet and the shower.

The place deserves a series of photos taken to document the full effect, and I may go back next weekend with a camera.

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