Garmin Australia is Incompetent

For about a year I’ve had a fault lodged with them, over the inability to turn off guide-popups on the Edge 810. The documentation says that it’s possible, and there’s a menu option that is supposed to do that, but it doesn’t work for me. Initially I had discussions with Level 1 support who didn’t appear familiar with the products they support but tried to help me with confirming that I was using the device correctly and that there wasn’t something I was missing in how to use it. I was then sent a test device, which they wanted me to use to confirm that the issue wasn’t just on my device.

I confirmed the faulty operation and returned the test device. Apparently Garmin AU confirmed at a higher level that the problem was real and that it would be addressed. After a month or so, if I recall correctly, the test device was sent back to me with a note saying that they had fixed “my” device and that the case was closed. I confirmed that the test device still operated incorrectly and told Garmin that they had sent me a device that didn’t belong to me and that the fault still was there; I’ve been holding on to that device until just recently, when I sent it back again – more on that in a moment.

Over the next 6 to 9 months I’ve had to call Garmin AU regularly to check what progress (if any) has been made, as no-one called me or emailed me (except maybe once), even when promises were solemnly made and repeated that I would get responses to my queries. The line changed  mid-year, when Level 1 staff started telling me that Level 2 support were satisfied that the operation as described was correct – you can’t turn off guide popups. When I responded that there was a menu option to disable popups, and that their answer meant that the device was engineered to have a non-operation menu option, Level 1 support always agreed that the Level 2 answer sounded wrong and that they would investigate and call me back – never doing so. In one case, I was told that there was documentary proof I was entitled to see, showing that what Level 2 said was correct; on asking to get a copy I was told that it would be emailed to me and that never happened, of course.

In the last few weeks, I’ve started to get bored, and have almost completely stopped using the Course functionality on the device. I sent the test device back via Reply Paid postage, expecting to never hear from Garmin AU again. Just this evening, however, I received an email thanking me for returning my faulty device and they they would fix and return it. I have no idea what they think they’re going to fix and why they’re going to send me back a device that doesn’t belong to me. I suppose I’ll test it for the same issue and send it back when I find that I still can’t disable guide-popups. Each time I send it back Reply Paid, it’ll just be costing Garmin AU money – maybe if it happens often enough, I’ll be able to drive them out of business and someone more competent can take their market share.

Seriously, if someone can point out clear instructions on how to disable guide-popups and what I’m doing wrong (and I’m happy to be shown up as an idiot, if that’s the case) on the Edge 810, please come forward. Alternatively, I’d love a way to get attention from someone that isn’t just a telephone jockey from the sub-continent and sit down and talk through the issue with a technical expert from Garmin.



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