Day 1 – Marrickville to the Central Coast

I got up this morning at 6 after a bit of a restless night – last minute nerves. Instead of the puzzle books I had packed last night, I repacked a book (Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino) as I recalled that I had various games on the tablet I could play.

By about 7, I was on the road. The weather was cool and overcast and it was threatening to rain, but that didn’t eventuate until around Dee Why where  I stopped for a pie and coffee. The rain was only a sun shower, although heavy, and soon passed.

The rest of the ride to Palm Beach went smoothly although the temperature and humidity both rose a bit. I reached the ferry terminal at about 11 – if I hadn’t stopped for the pie, I might have made the early ferry but I had to wait for the 12 o’clock one. While I was waiting, a group of women pensioners arrived from the central coast for a bingo day at the local services club and were very impressed when I explained what I was doing.

I made it to Kincumber unscathed, past the bridge of doom from last year. There was a very strong wind blowing off the water that, combined with the car slipstreams, could have pushed me into the concrete barrier like last time but I kept a straight line out from the edge instead of hiding from the traffic.

Once again I stopped for coffee and cake at the Bakehouse 2000, this time without a broken bike and arm. Then I hit the Avoca hinterlands, which was a bit hairy, traffic-wise but took me straight up to Long Jetty. I started charging the Edge during this section as it dropped to about 30% – I’m really glad of the ability to charge the GPS during the ride.

I ended up staying at some holiday cabins along the water on Tuggerah Lake. It was un-catered but, since I had my own food with me, there was no issue. Overnight it stormed, and the rain on the caravan roof was so loud it drowned out the TV and I had to put on the subtitles. I was hoping that was the end of the rain but unfortunately not 🙁

Total distance today was 89km for a time of 5:34:03, an average of 15.98km/h

My ride data is here


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