Day 4 – Rest Day in Gloucester

I woke up reasonably late today (7:30) and went down the street for breakfast. Then I came back and did some laundry in the motel washer and dryer. Basically I spent the day catching up on twitter and email, and updating my ride data online.

Around midday, I went back into town for lunch (another bacon and egg roll – with chilli jam) and watched the local primary school kids in an easter hat parade on the main street through the cafe window. I also saw a group of The Knitting Nannas doing their anti-CSG thing in front of a local art gallery. Gloucester’s got a really nice vibe to it – there’s a good mix of working-class local farmers and the arty/trendy/hippy/activist type along with the townsfolk.

I finished out the afternoon reading and stretching followed by another Thai meal with a beer, and felt sufficiently recovered to continue north in the morning. Everything but the essentials was packed away before I went to bed so that I could get away as early as possible.


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