Day 5 – Gloucester to Taree

I left just before 7am. It was good weather for riding – overcast and not too hot (mid-20’s all day). By about 10, I arrived in Krambach and found that there’s now a cafe in town. There was one family there already and more people turned up during the time I was there – decent traffic for a very small town on Good Friday. I got talking to the first family and found that they used to live in Marrickville but left a few years ago to raise their family in a nice county environment. They still visit now and then to remind themselves why they escaped the city.

I continued on towards either Taree or Wingham as I was still tossing up whether or not going over the hill to Comboyne was a good idea. Just before the Wingham turnoff I decided that Taree was my preferred destination for the day as I really did want to travel up via the coast to Port Macquarie the next day. I ended up getting to Taree at around midday and briefly considered carrying on to Laurieton but wasn’t sure of road conditions and my legs were feeling a bit heavy, given all the climbing between Gloucester and Taree.

Apparently I was lucky to find a motel room in Taree, as there was a power-boat show in town for the long-weekend. After booking in, I headed into town and found some fish and chips and sat in the riverfront park enjoying the peace and quiet. All of a sudden this really loud roar started up as two power-boat competitors started practicing. It looked and sounded like 2-stroke mowers in bathtubs. That went on for ages, and I quickly left to go back to the motel room where I could shut the door and turn on the TV. The original “Italian Job” was playing, which I hadn’t seen in ages and was a nice diversion.

I was intrigued by the social demographics of Taree. There were lots of mothers with small children about and very few men-folk. A lot of the women were overweight and I overheard a lot of talk about tattoos people had, wanted to get or had promised their daughters they could have if they were good. Raymond Terrace was car country but definitely had a country town feel; Dungog was small country town with an additional mixture of professionals and “tree-changers”, as was Gloucester and in all three places there was a healthy mix of body types but Taree feels city-unhealthy. Perhaps it’s also partly that it’s a public holiday and only  certain types of people lollygag around town here on such days. Yeah, I’m probably unfairly stereotyping the community and they’re all really nice people…

I had a decent Indian meal for dinner after a spa-bath, which was a nice luxury. It started to rain in the early evening and it kept raining heavily all night.

Total distance: 73.7km
Total time: 4:42:01
Avg speed: 15.67 km/h

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