Cat on a lead

We finally decided that Ripley was settling into the new place, and put a harness and lead on her. Then we took her “walking” in the back yard. She was nervous and slinking around – partly due to the indignity of being trussed up 🙂 Meg was very bemused and solicitous and kept wanting to help, which Ripley wasn’t keen on.

The rear-lane access is via a roller door that has a gap at one side due to the slope, and she found it fairly quickly and wanted to escape. We need to do something about that. Mind you, there’s numerous other ways for her to get out. After 5 minutes of Bobbie walking her, I called her back into the house via a side window and she jumped in and then hid under a bed. I guess we’ll try for longer each time until she gets acclimatised. The side of the house has what should be a nice cat run, where we hope she might spend her days. There’s some photos on Flickr of her exploring. Click the link on the following photo to see them.

Letting Ripley into the new back yard

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