Some people worth supporting on Patreon

Just because I can no longer afford to support people on Patreon doesn’t mean that I don’t think they’re worth supporting. Here’s a list of the people I’ve had to drop from my creator list and why I think they’re worth your money.

  • Rebecca Watson makes great videos about science and skepticism with none of the bullshit ‘bro bullshit.
  • fabioz is responsible for PyDev which is my favourite python IDE within Eclipse.
  • Jamie Madigan produces podcasts and articles on the psychology of video games, which is a very interesting topic
  • David McRaney runs the “You Are Not So Smart” podcast, which is a fascinating look at science, self delusion, bias etc.
  • Jonathon Rosenberg is the cartoonist behind Scenes from a Multiverse
  • TheJuiceMedia produces satire on the Australian government in the form of honest advertisements

If Patreon didn’t penalise small pledges now, I’d continue to support them. You should too 🙂


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