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The Australian and US governments are doing a Vicky Pollard in relation to the guilt of Jack Thomas and David Hicks. Yeah, we can’t prove their guilt but no, we aren’t at fault for failing to act responsibly in court. The misadventures in the cases where the government actions have been ruled illegal, or inadmissable would be comical bumblings if the effects on peoples lives weren’t so severe. Like the ABC recently trying to rewrite a guilty conviction in the case of the three kids in Perth (profiled on Australian Story, and exposed on Mediawatch), the Governments have been trying to bypass the justice system.

Thomas was found not guilty, but the Australian government says that it’ll make him feel like he is.

Hicks won’t be given the death penalty, but the US government will make him wish he was dead.

Yay for our western democratic governments. They obviously wish to have the autocratic power of a fundamentalist theocracy, or something.

(Maybe the Vicky Pollard reference doesn’t really fit, but I’m taken with the image of Phillip Ruddock, John Howard, or George Bush trying to weasel their way out of responsibility for the system they’ve created in the her voice.)

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