God is the one who chooses our rulers

Catching up on some RSS feeds, I came across this! American politics is in a race to the dregs. Katherine Harris, one of the people who stole the Florida election for Dubya, is quoted as saying that God did not intend the US to be a nation of secular laws, and that the country’s laws would be “legislated sin” if it didn’t elect christians into office. Not only are the religious nutcases attacking freedom of speech, and other foundation stones of their country’s birthright, and attacking evolution and scientific advancement, they’re also now fighting each other to prove who can be the biggest fundamentalist.

It’s getting more and more likely that the the world will face another crusade. Christian hardliners will provoke more and more bloody confrontations with the Islamic countries in an attempt to convert us all. And of course the Islamic fundamentalists will do the reverse, and the jackals of power like al-Quaida will snap at the heels of each – using them and being used in turn.

Richard Dawins is right – we need to rein in the irrationality of religion before it destroys us all.

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