Caring about America’s status

On the 7:30 Report, last night, Kerry O’Brien interviewed John Howard. He asked if Howard has re-evaluated his poisition on Iraq, given the large part that played in the overthrow of the Republican control of the House and Senate. Part of his reasoning for not pulling out was that it would make the US look bad, and said that

I would expect the Australian people to think very carefully about a Prime Minister or a government that took part in an action that fatally or very badly damaged the prestige of the United States around the world.

I have to say that this was followed by an explosion of WTF, and peals of laughter at my place. Nobody here gives a flying fuck about the  prestige of the US, apart from following the belief that arrogant idiots should be kicked in the cobblers to bring them down to size. Maybe there’s something that can be said about Australian values here: the old “do you know who I am” jokes; the dislike of tall poppies. Judging by the old truisms about mateship and standing up to authority, the “Australian people” would probably do the opposite of what the Bonsai wants.

It looks like Howard values social standings above moral imperatives, above issues of right and wrong. I think that it’s time we taught him a lesson at the polls, as well.

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