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I went into town today and ended up spending over $200 at Galaxy. The expense was almost entirely for The Absolute Sandman, which is gorgeous. I know it’s on my wishlist for Christmas, but when I saw it, and the price, I decided that I couldn’t ask anyone to pay that for a present for me.

The collection is bound into a very nice hardcover volume and just looks and feels like the quality the stories deserve. I’m not sure I can see the difference in colour between these and the original – I’ll have to go back and look at those again.

There’s some more items I saw that look good, too, but which I didn’t buy: Justine Larbalestier has the second volume (Magic Lessons) in her Reason series out in hardcover – that might wait until the paperback edition; Susannah Clarke (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell) has a collection called The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories, hardcover in a fancy binding that feels gorgeous. That might have to be bought sooner rather than later 🙂

Galaxy seem to be promoting Australian authors more than they did previously, which is good. All the shelves have signs indicating which are local, as well as which are on special, etc. Scott Westerfeld is sort of being claimed as one of our own, although he was born in Texas – I suppose due to the fact that he is married to Justine Larbalestier and spends half his time in Sydney. His trilogy Uglies has been praised widely and on the strength of that, I bought a set. It’s a dystopian vision of a world where you get plastic surgery when you turn 16 to become one of the Pretties, but those who want to opt out are not allowed. So far, it’s a fun little read – teen fiction, but not lowest common denominator.

My final purchase was Of Fire and Night, Kevin J Anderson’s 5th volume in his space opera saga, which I highly recommend for fans of the genre.

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  1. kathy
    kathy at |

    I guess your birthday money will come in handy. Put my contribution toward the Sandman collection, please. Is it a repeat of the collection of Sandman stories you already own?

  2. James
    James at |

    The Uglies sounds like a reworking of an idea from the 80’s of Peter Carey’s. Can’t remember the name, I think it’s in the Fat Man in History collection.

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