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Neil Gaiman regrets that he has already written a story about Djinn in American Gods, given this interesting article in the Economist. It’s a potted history of them, including the following snippet (which is why Neil was interested).

Unbelieving jinn, those who resisted the Koran, are shaytan, demons, “firewood for hell”. Many Muslims see the devil as a jinn. Some reckon the snake in the Garden of Eden was a shape-shifting jinn. All this may yet play a part in the war on terrorism. Factions in Somalia and Afghanistan have accused their enemies of being backed not only by the CIA but by malevolent jinn. One theory in Afghanistan holds that the mujahideen, “two-legged wolves”, scared the jinn out into the world, causing disharmony. It is jinn, they say, who whisper into the ears of suicide-bombers.

I think that the unsanitised Genie is much more interesting a creation than the Hollywood version, or than angels. That may be why I started reading the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine. They’re a bit trashy but have a cute premise. Actually I probably need to read The Arabian Nights again.

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