Quibbling over exact words

More bullshit from the US government…

The US AG has tried to defend the denial of Habeas Corpus rights by saying that:

“There is no expressed grant of habeas in the Constitution; there’s a prohibition against taking it away,”

Stephen Colbert also has a cute commentary on this – “exact words” – likening Gonzales to Greg Brady (from the Brady Bunch), quibbling over whether a prohibition on driving meant only the family car or others as well. As the Baltimore Chronicle article states, almost all rights that Americans think they have could be up for grabs, since the constitution doesn’t explicitly say that they are granted, only that the govt. shall make no laws prohibiting free speech, etc.

Colbert finishes with a dig at the right to enjoy a speedy trial. He says that if the detainees aren’t enjoying themselves, they shouldn’t get a speedy trial. It’s hard to satirize an inept institution like the US govt., but Colbert (and Stewart) do a great job puncturing the pomposity and exposing the naked emperor.

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