Life in the firing line

There’s been some to-and-fro’ing on Neil Gaiman’s journal about [tag]libraries[/tag] deciding what books to stock, the case in point being The Higher Power of Lucky, by Susan Patron, which won the Newbery Medal. It contains the word scrotum, and this has caused an uproar.

In the case of “Lucky,” some of them take no chances. Wendy Stoll, a librarian at Smyrna Elementary in Louisville, Ky., wrote on the LM_Net mailing list that she would not stock the book. Andrea Koch, the librarian at French Road Elementary School in Brighton, N.Y., said she anticipated angry calls from parents if she ordered it. “I don’t think our teachers, or myself, want to do that vocabulary lesson,” she said in an interview. One librarian who responded to Ms. Nilsson’s posting on LM_Net said only: “Sad to say, I didn’t order it for either of my schools, based on ‘the word.’ ”

This post from Neil contains an interesting story from an Ohio librarian about a library being targetted by a christian coalition. It’s nice to see people stand up to what is obviously a manufactured issue, and to see them carry on with business as usual when some other, presumably more high-profile, issue distracts the religious maniacs.

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