Law to rival Kafka’s vision

I just came across an article that states that the Bush administration has 150 – that's 10% of the staff – who are graduates from Pat Robertson's law school. Yep, you read that right – Pat Roberton's law school. Of course, it's described as "lowly rated" and "recently accredited": the school was founded in 1986 as the CBN University Law School and the American Bar Association (ABA) denied accreditation in 1987. It gave the school provisional accreditation in 1989 but full accreditation by the ABA didn't occur until 1996.

The law school at Regent University was once ranked in the lowest tier by U.S. News and World Reports college survey. On its own website's admissions page, Regent states that it seeks to admit "students who are serious about the critical roles they will assume as future counselors, conciliators, defenders of the faith, effective client advocates and followers of Christ." Later it adds "Regent Law seeks men and women who are dedicated to becoming Christian leaders who will change the world for Christ." I wonder if it bases its courses on the 10 Commandments and original sin? By the sound of it, the school doesn't care about creating people who know and are committed to the US laws and constitution.

One of the graduates of the school was involved in the sacking of prosecutors by the Attorney General's department and other scandals appear to be embracing these ill-qualified people. Obviously those who have no experience or real understanding of the law have been moved up the echelon in preference to qualified people, since they share the morality of the administration, and have committed all sorts of bungles as their ineptitide becomes more and more obvious.


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  1. kathy
    kathy at |

    You find a lot of scary articles, don’t you?

  2. James
    James at |

    I like that phrase "the morality of the administration". It has a heady aroma of oxymoron.  I assume it applies for very small values of "moral".

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