The Paris Hilton of international diplomacy

Who might that be?

You might say Lord Downer, but he only want to be the white Tiger Woods when he leaves politics. The title actually belongs to Condaleeza Rice. The following story is about her visit to Australia during the Commonwealth Games:

Upon arrival in Melbourne she asked the Consulate General if she could have her photo taken with the American team. “Sorry ma’am”, was the answer. “Since the US is not a member of the British Commonwealth there is no team here”. “Well then”, she said. “I’ll have my photo taken with soldiers from the local military base”. “Oops! no dice there either ma’am. There are no US soldiers stationed on Australian soil”. She finally asked that she be greeted with a crowd of adoring, US flag-waving children. A bunch of Melbourne school kids were rounded up and she had her photo taken with them.

Apart from the overweening ego on display, she definitely displays a level of stupidity that is worthy of a blonde bimbo. How can the US Secretary of State be so clueless about to which countries are members of the British Commonwealth, or where US troops are stationed around the world?

I have a suspicion that she might have been engaged in the sort of activity that Our Johnny undertakes – take a trip to where our sportsmen and women are playing and bask in the limelight of the cameras with them. We know that Howard has a hard-on for cricket. What’s Condi’s passion, I wonder?

I also suspect that her staff hate her. If she was coming here with plans to see a US sporting team, surely her staff could have set her straight before she made a fool of herself in public. Since they didn’t, and assuming that they were aware of her desire, malicious intent seems obvious.

This story was part of a program on Anti War Radio where former CIA officer Philip Giraldi talks about George Tenet and how he has tried to make himself seem blameless over the WMD issue, and Dick Cheney’s attempts to block diplomatic efforts to end the Iran situation. The website has an MP3 which makes for interesting listening.

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