Why Americans are fat

Apparently, French eat until they aren’t hungry but Americans eat until the plate is empty or the TV show is finished; ie. Americans use external cues to decide how much to eat, rather than deciding for themselves when they should stop. I must say that I’m not surprised. The more media-driven, and accustomed to being lead by the nose by advertising, a society is, the more its members allow themselves to be cattle fattened for the slaughter.And, of course, overconsumption is not just something that is restricted to food.

I commented harshly last week to a colleague about a woman in the local food court who left most of her plate of food, in terms of food wastage (all those starving Ethiopians…), and now I realise that maybe I was a bit harsh. Food outlets tend to serve portions that are either minuscule for the dieters, or larger than you really need for the average shopper. If you’re cajoled into purchasing too much, why eat it all?

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