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  1. kathy
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    I couldn’t agree more: both the effect on me and the need to get out fast. Luckily, we don’t have a shopping centre in Mullum. . . . yet! ? Don’t know if I would have been strong enough to refuse cheap tickets, but we don’t have a Hoyts handy, so it is not an issue. Has Hoyts had a movie in the last 12 months that I would have even wanted to see? Who knows?

  2. kathy
    kathy at |

    Sounds bad down there, very invasive. Here Greenpeace only bug me every few months, and then I lie and tell them I’m a member. Not that I am not appreciative of what they do, but giving to charities is not something that appeals to me for some reason. I even tried sponsoring a child in South America (as part of a group) for a while, and that gave me no pleasure, so I pulled out of it. It is probably in your genes! :~)

  3. James
    James at |

    Last time I was asked to take part in a marketing survey I asked what they would pay me for my services and time. Shut them up quickly.I contribute by shunning large stores wherever possible, and buying food direct from the grower or producer wherever possible. That tends to ensure that the right amount of cash goes to the right people. I don’t think I’ve bought anything from a supermarket in months.I’ve gotten quite good at blandly smiling and nodding and not breaking stride where street-accosters of any tenor are concerned.

  4. lidna
    lidna at |

    I second that – order your food and whatnots from Lettuce Deliver and you’ll never need to go near a mall again!

  5. kathy
    kathy at |

    It depends how adaptable you are in your food needs /desires, how creative you feel about your cooking, how interested you are in making do with what they deliver to you, how much you trust other people to choose your particular fruit and veg :~)

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