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  1. James
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    Wow, what a bunch of twats!

    It seems odd to absent yourself, as BNSW have done, from any sort of local involvement when cycling is necessarily such a local activity. The shift to specifically not seek new membership is just bizarre – where do their wages come from? You don’t need to be a member of the NRMA to drive a car, either, but as a group which was essentially a political advocacy body at its inception, the NRMA certainly found a way to motivate people to join the club, beyond just selling insurance.

    What’s so special about BNSW that it doesn’t even need members?What do they think is going to happen – people will hear of them having used the word “bicycle” in terribly important Canberra circles and rush out and learn to ride? Maybe they’re angling to become an official regulatory body, push for a cyclist licensing scheme, and skim their wages from that cashcow…

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