My new favourite beverage

Having heard a track from this band from the music of Dead Like Me, I found that Sympathetique is available locally. It”s great. p i n k m a r t i n i On a side note, I think that’s it’s stupid that the official DLM website is not available from outside the states. Still, there are enough good… Read more →

Deadbeat lawyers don’t want you to read Gone With The Wind

Project Gutenberg Australia has received a takedown notice from the USA since Gone With the Wind can be downloaded from there. The current copyright laws are a joke. Look here if you dare!

Software’s game of mutually assured damage – Ross Gittins –

More scary proof that the world has gone mad. It appears that the logic is now “patent them all and let USPTO sort them out” Software’s game of mutually assured damage – Ross Gittins –

What I have waiting to read (and watch)

As an adjunct to the last post, I thought I’d list the contents of the pile of book already waiting to be read. I also have a lot of DVDs piled up as well. The Locus Awards – bought mainly for a Neil Gaiman story The Shipping news – I haven’t really been able to get into Proulx’s work but… Read more →

Book shopping

(like I don’t have enough to read) I went to Gleebooks today on my way back from getting my tax return done. I was there mainly to renew my book club membership, but also to buy a copy of 1984. Instead of that, I ended up with the following: Eats Shoots & Leaves – a zero tolerance approach to punctuation,… Read more →

The state of media in the US

A nice piece by Sheila Sample about the lack or integrity from Fox News and CNN et al. It’s depressing to read quotes lke this from CBS’ Dan Rather. Bush is my president. Whatever he tells me to do, I’ll just salute, line up behind him and say ‘Yes Sir! That’s a man who is not interested in the truth,… Read more →

Bush is a drug-fucked nutcase

It appears that G.W is the same as Nixon or Reagan, in terms of his mental instability. His use of drugs to control depression and erratic behavior is an indication of deeper problems. Quote from the article: “President Bush is an untreated alcoholic with paranoid and megalomaniac tendencies,” Dr. Frank adds. and another: One long-time GOP political consultant who –… Read more →

The ABC management makes a spineless move

As covered on Media Watch … A documentary maker (Judy Rymer) wanting access to news archive coverage of political figures (mainly Liberal) from the ABC was told that she couldn’t get it without getting clearance from the “stakeholders” (ie. the politicians). Her website describes the film as follows: Punished not Protected is an educational documentary series in four parts (on… Read more →


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