RTA Big Ride 2005 diary

Day 4: Bredbo -> Queanbeyan (73KM)
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It's the start of the earlier wakeup calls. Debbie had us up at 5:30, although I hadn't slept too well as my sunburnt head was causing me grief. This was the first morning it's felt like a proper Big Ride - fine, slightly chilly, a breakfast camp full of riders on stools.

We took off up the Monaro Highway. There was a gradual climb followed by a short, sharp pinch up over the railway. As can be seen from the similarity between the average and maximum RPM figures, there wasn't too much variation, and a nice steady pace possible for the whole day.

After the railway there was a very nice long and shallow descent, where I could keep the pedals turning at a reasonable pace, running up over each successive rise with little effort. I think I was in top gear all the way until morning tea at Michelago - about 20km on.

El yama is en quadrupedo!
El yama is en quadrupedo!

Morning tea was actually at the Michelago public school - on a right-hand turn off the highway. The kids looked like they had an enjoyable day's break from lessons, helping sell us nice home-baked cupcakes and pancakes.

After that we continued up the highway (and I got hit in the leg by a stone thrown by the wheel of a truck). Lunch was at the Guises Creek Bush Fire Brigade headquarters, where we turned off the highway for the back road into Queanbeyan. After that there was a dirt section of about 2.5 km which was badly corrugated in patches. We snaked around behind Jerrabomberra and flew down this lovely road past the cement works. By the time I hit the outskirts of Queanbeyan I was doing almost 60km/h at the point where a sign stated that local roads are 50km/h.

I rolled into camp at about 11:47, where I promptly consumed a great sausage sandwich, 2 powerades and a coke. Then I felt bloated.

Queanbeyan seems smaller than I thought, although I don't know why. The main shopping area is small, consisting of a few streets. At the bridge end of Monaro Street is what appears to be a newish shopping centre, which looks to have had the effect of killing off some of the local independent business on the main street. At 1pm on a Tuesday, a local cafe had already stopped serving lunch. Still, you could get fast food from somewhere in the mall if you were so inclined.

Back in camp I ran into one of the guys behind Where is the pub. Andrew is on his first ride, if I recall correctly. He had a bit of a whinge about people who think they can design web sites (he knows that he can't and said that he doesn't try). Like me he's content to play with implementation and back-end stuff. We swapped horror stories for a while and shared a bottle of wine while eating dinner at Cafe Big.

Ride Statistics

DST  75.60 km 
TM  3:36:47 
Max. speed  56 km/h 
Avg. speed  20.9 km/h 
Avg. RPM  71 
Max. RPM  85 

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